Applications to Oxford and Cambridge Universities are increasingly competitive, as with all universities, and at Wellington a specific team help prepare candidates for the different stages of the admissions procedures. The Oxbridge team do not ‘coach’ candidates (which would be counterproductive); instead, as graduates of Oxbridge, they inform candidates about the best courses for them, and offer extension classes to broaden students’ subject knowledge. In the Sixth Form, the mechanical process of UCAS, SAQ (in the case of Cambridge), pre-entry tests and college choice are supervised by the team.

Ultimately, Oxbridge candidates are self-selecting; pupils must show genuine intellectual initiative at all times and go beyond the demands of their courses at all points. The team is keen to ensure that, in line with the College’s wider ambitions, pupils pursue learning in a scholarly fashion at all levels through the College. In order to familiarise pupils with Oxford and Cambridge, trips are laid on for Third, Fourth and Lower Sixth form, in addition to events with visiting speakers from the two universities.

With 31 students winning places to Oxford and Cambridge in 2016, there has never been a better time to aim for Oxbridge from Wellington College.

Overseas and American Universities

There has also been a significant increase in the number of applicants from Wellington to overseas universities, in particular, some of American’s most prestigious institutions including: Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Stanford. Wellington provides specialist guidance for applications to American Universities and employs an expert adviser one day a week. This ensures that they receive the best possible advice and are guided throughout the process. Wellington runs an SAT preparation course in the Michaelmas Term to prepare candidates for this element of the application process and is now a registered SAT and ACT testing centre.