Eight Aptitudes in Practice

Children are intelligent in many different ways. The eight aptitudes which we believe are what make each of us uniquely ourselves, is Wellington’s way of ensuring that we pay attention to the many different types of intelligence evident in the children we are educating.  

We aim to nurture and develop the physical, cultural, logical, linguistic, personal, social, moral and spiritual aptitudes of each of our pupils –each and every day, through the breadth of experiences and activities which they have and (crucially), through the quality of their reflection and consideration of these experiences at the end of each day. 

Using the eight aptitude model, all Wellingtonians are encouraged to consider how they are developing themselves and where they might need to challenge themselves further - which aptitude needs more work. 

In practice, this is delivered through an immensely varied and enriching programme of extra-curricular activities. Our Sport, Art, Drama, and Dance, are stimulating, challenging and ambitious. But the breadth of our activity is unsurpassed: creative writing, debating, Model United Nations, chess, Round Square, the CCF, WTV, The Wellingtonian, the College Radio station, Field Gun – the list goes on and on. All activities are set up to allow for a range of experience and challenge throughout the year.

All pupils will be involved in Sports, Arts, Service and Academic extension activities every week, throughout the year. This is monitored and reflected on in tutorials – where regular discussions between the pupils and the tutors allow for mature, self- evaluation and consideration of their experience. This culminates in a termly “personal contribution and development grade” –awarded after tutorial discussion between tutor and pupil and added to pupil reports. 

Central to the eight aptitude model is the sense of a truly holistic education – this means that it is where the aptitudes meet and coalesce that the best learning often occurs. Whilst a pupil may develop their physical aptitude on a rugby pitch, they will also be developing their moral, personal and social aptitudes. It is when the pupils themselves, become conscious of this, that the light bulb moments occur!