Fireside Lectures

Outstanding speakers visit Wellington on a weekly basis to offer talks, lectures and seminars to our pupils - and frequently to our parents too!

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Malcolm Rifkind speaking about Russia Master's Lecture Series

Wellington College is renowned as a crucible of educational debate and intellectual discovery, and this is, in no small part, due to the outstanding speakers who step through our gates on a weekly basis to offer talks, lectures and seminars on a wide range of topics to our pupils and, often, our parents too.

All Wellingtonians have the opportunity to hear leading voices and thought-leaders from the world of science, politics, business and education through our Fireside Lecture series and Master’s Lectures, to which pupils and other members of the Wellington Community are welcome.

This term’s speakers


9th Peter Bray, canoeist
Kayaking Across the Atlantic

16th Robert Hardman, journalist at the Daily Mail
Life in the News

23rd Prof Peter Frankopan, University of Oxford
The End of History: the futility of studying the past


7th Gareth Patterson, QC
Building a Murder Case

14th Prof Matthew Goodwin, University of Kent
National Populism: the revolt against liberal democracy


4th Mary Harper, journalist
Reporting from Africa’s Most Dangerous Places

11th Andrew Strauss, ex-England Cricket Captain
Life as England’s Cricket Captain

18th Mike Bryan, former fast-jet pilot and MOD
Military Action and Defence


2nd Dr Kerry Daynes, psychologist
Can You Spot a Liar? The Psychology of Lie Detection

9th Geoff Riley, founder of Tutor2u
Trade Wars

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