Admissions Policy

Wellington seeks to be fair, candid and open during the entire admissions process.

Equal Opportunity

In line with the College’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity, no boy or girl is disadvantaged in any part of the Wellington College admissions process as a result of gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, ethnicity or social background. Indeed, all admissions, including any at ages other than those above, are made in due observance of this policy and details given via the Registration Form, Acceptance Form, Scholarship booklets and Terms and Conditions.  Although a Church of England foundation, Wellington College does not select for entry based on religious belief.

Sibling Policy

Wellington operates a Sibling Policy at 13+ entry which can best be described as the ‘middle line’. Sibling status is not ignored during the admissions process but the College does not automatically accept every younger brother or sister who applies as Wellington will not be the right school for every sibling. If the younger sibling of a pupil currently at the College therefore broadly meets the selection criteria described in the previous section, then he or she will be prioritised for a place during the Review Panel’s decision making process.

It should be noted that the Sibling Policy does not apply during the 16+ entry process as it does at 13+.

Community Connections

The College appreciates that other members of the broader Wellington Community, and not just younger siblings, may wish to gain a place at the College.  Applications from families with strong connections to Wellington College (e.g. Old Wellingtonian parents or grandparents, friends of the College, ex-members of staff) are therefore warmly encouraged.  As with siblings, community connections do not guarantee the offer of a place, but they do form part of the Review Panel’s decision making process.

Code of Conduct

Wellington College is committed to the highest professional and ethical standards regarding the recruitment of pupils. As well as adhering to all HMC guidelines regarding scholarships, bursaries and admissions processes, all staff at Wellington College are committed to our code of conduct which can be read here.

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