Intellectual curiosity and co-curricular passion characterise the 40-50 ambitious young men and women who join our Sixth Form every year.

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Applicants from both the UK and around the world are attracted by our excellent teaching, the breadth of academic and co-curricular opportunities, our stunning facilities and the wonderful pre-university experience we provide. Exciting levels of enthusiasm, breadth of co-curricular talent, and scholarly commitment typify those who are successful.

The Registration Process

A four-month registration window opens a year in advance of the pupil’s proposed entry and runs from June until 30th September. To register your child for Sixth Form entry in 2021 please click on the link below. We ask for a registration fee (£300) to be paid at this stage by credit / debit card or by bank transfer.


We must stress that this registration fee is non-refundable however far we decide to take your child’s application. This reflects that fact that we put an enormous amount of effort and thought into every application before we choose who to select for an assessment day at Wellington College (or an interview abroad or over video conference). Not all students will be selected for an assessment day and this is because we do not wish to convey false hope and stress where we believe there is little chance of a place ultimately being offered and we don’t have the resources to offer the quality of assessment experience that we pride ourselves on to everyone who applies.

We consider it important to be very open about this at the start of the process but do hope that it won’t put anyone off. We will be looking to offer places to around 40 new Sixth Form students in 2021 with, most likely, more places for girls than for boys. Decisions will be announced initially on 1st December 2020 but subsequent places will be offered to those placed on the Waiting List right up until September 2021.

As part of the registration process, pupils wishing to join the Wellington College Sixth Form are asked to upload their latest set of school reports and submit a personal statement, both of which are used to draw up a long-list of candidates to be invited for assessment. There is no template for the personal statement and candidates should therefore present themselves in any way in which they see fit. Candidates may wish to include details such as their academic strengths and interests and co-curricular passions, why they want to join the Sixth Form at Wellington College, their aspirations for the future and experiences which have shaped who they are. We recommend that personal statements are no longer than 1000 words.


We will be in touch in mid-October once all applications have been considered. Those selected to the second stage will be invited to an assessment day at Wellington. For 16+ entry in 2021, the assessment days are 10th, 11th or 12th November 2020. This day will comprise some short exams, an interview and a lesson and group discussion in a subject that the candidate will be able to choose in advance. The purpose of this is to ensure that this is a two-way process enabling the boys and girls to see if they enjoy and can flourish in the Wellington learning environment.

It is crucial to stress that this assessment plan may need to be adjusted in the event that welcoming external visitors to Wellington remains impossible in November. In this event we will do our very best to achieve the same ends in a virtual manner.

Scholarships and Bursaries

A wide range of scholarships is offered annually, with awards for excellence in academics, sports, music, arts (and combined disciplines). Please visit the Scholarships & Bursaries pages for more details.

International/Overseas Sixth Form applicants — important information

We do not believe that those living outside the UK specifically need to come to Wellington for an assessment day.  We do, of course, want candidates to have a good feel for the culture of Wellington though whether this is obtained via a previous visit, via the content on our website or via conversations with the Admissions team or alumni.  This year particularly we understand that travel will be especially difficult.  We will therefore ask these applicants to sit our exams at a suitable local approved testing centre (we will send more details on this at the next stage) and we will conduct interviews via video conference; something we have done really effectively this year.  We have always aimed to fly to Hong Kong for face to face interviews in September but that is, sadly, not looking that likely at the moment 

For those for whom English is not their first language, we have a very strong preference that a UKiset test is completed and sent to us.  We hope that centres worldwide will be open to offer this but please do let us know if you are finding this difficult.