Scholarships & Bursaries

The primary way in which the College seeks to widen access to Wellington is through the wide range of scholarships and bursaries available to families.

What is the difference between a Scholarship and a Bursary?


Scholarships are entrance awards intended to recognise talented children who have shown great promise in certain disciplines but they do not carry any financial benefit in terms of fee reduction. Scholarships are made following strong performance in a competitive assessment process, usually administered around six to eight months before a pupil enters Wellington.  As well as it being a great honour and accolade, pupils awarded scholarships upon entry to the College are expected to be leaders and role-models within their field of interest. They will also take part in a programme of extension activities and opportunities appropriate to their particular area of talent. Music scholars, for example, attend regular master-classes with visiting professionals and academic award holders partake in an extension programme of study designed by our Head of Scholarship.


Bursaries are specific financial awards made to parents which give some form of reduction of school fees appropriate to the individual situation of each family. All bursaries awarded to families of children joining the College are calculated via a means-testing process. In this way we aim to direct all of our financial aid to families who, without support, would not be able to access the fees at Wellington. Bursaries with a value of up to 95% reduction in school fees are available.

Means-tested bursaries are directly dependent on a child being awarded a scholarship. Unfortunately it is impossible to grant a bursary to a family unless their child has been successful in winning a scholarship upon entrance to Wellington.