A wide range of scholarships - academic, music, dance, drama, art, design and sport - is available at both 13+ and 16+ entry.

Scholarship are available at both 13+ and 16+ entry with awards for excellence made in the following areas:

  • Academic
  • Music
  • The Arts (Art, Design, Engineering & Technology, Dance and Drama)
  • Sport

The College also offers all-rounder awards to children who have displayed potential across a number of different areas. To read more about the scholarship process and how to apply, please download the appropriate booklet and forms below.

Being awarded a scholarship upon entrance to the College is considered a great accolade and award holders partake in specialist extension programmes within their sphere of particular interest.

Scholarships do not, in themselves, provide any fee reduction, although music scholarships afford parents free tuition in two instruments and free composition and Alexander Technique lessons. Please visit the page on Bursaries to read more about the financial aid available at Wellington College.

Useful Links and Downloads

For 13+ Entry

13+ Scholarship Booklet  and 13+ Scholarship entry forms for entry in September 2018. At 13+ candidates must be under 14 on or before 1st September of their proposed entry year.

In addition to the Scholarship Entry Form:

Pupils applying for a Music Scholarship, must complete the Music Scholarship Entry Form
Pupils applying for an Academic, Arts or Sport Scholarship, must complete the Scholarship Reference Form

For 16+ Entry

16+ Scholarship Booklet for entry in September 2019.

A reference from their current school, to include academic assessment, will be requested for all candidates long-listed for an assessment day in November. Specialist references should be presented in support of any non-academic scholarship application.