The Wellington College uniform, both in the Lower and Middle Schools, and the Sixth Form, is designed to allow pupils to feel smart and business-like in their formal, day-to-day school activities.

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During the main part of the school day and for any official College activities which require it, such as Sunday evening Chapel, all Wellingtonians wear their school uniform. Once a pupil has completed their formal school activities for the day, they are permitted to change into their home clothes.

Pupils in the Third, Fourth and Fifth Forms wear specific Wellington College uniform. For boys, uniform consists of a dark grey herringbone jacket, black trousers, a white shirt and College tie, and black shoes. Girls wear a blue and black tartan skirt, white mandarin-collared shirt, a black blazer, and black shoes. All Lower and Middles school pupils are allowed to wear a College navy V-neck jumper.


Lower School pupils in school uniform in front of the Mandarin Centre

Sixth Formers are allowed to wear their own suits. Boys tend to choose dark navy, black or grey suits in plain or subtle pin-stripe style. Girls may wear skirt or trouser suits with a white shirt. The main focus of Sixth Form dress regulations is for Wellingtonians to look smart, business-like and respectful at all times.

Wellington Sixth Formers in their suits

All school uniform and a wider range of sports clothing can be purchased at the College Shop – ‘Grubbies’ – details for which can be found in the Pastoral Care section of this website.