Service & Leadership

Wellington has a strong tradition of Service and Leadership, embedded within the ethos and identity of the College. As befits a school founded as the national memorial to "the greatest Englishman who ever lived", all pupils are expected to serve and lead others throughout their time here.

We believe strongly that every Wellingtonian has a duty both to serve and lead others, not just at school but in their life beyond the College too. We are therefore whole-heartedly committed to providing a broad range of opportunities for every pupil at local, national and international level, all of which contribute towards our holistic model of education and the personal development of those involved.

Most Service and Leadership activity takes place on Wednesday afternoons where a dedicated and ring-fenced period of time is allocated to this core aspect of a Wellington education, although many opportunities to serve and lead others present themselves on a daily basis within the College community.

Whether it is through contributions to the Combined Cadet Force, an overseas trip to Peru with Round Square, a local Connected Curriculum project in Crowthorne, a Departmental service trip in Africa, teaching sport in a local primary school, or a House-based service project with a community partner, opportunities to engage with the outside world and to serve others abound at Wellington.