Moments seized, moments wasted, moments you can never forget, moments you wish you had had.

At the start of the Summer Term a select cast of fourth form pupils performed Adam Barnard’s Buckets to a small live audience in the Christopher Lee Theatre, the production also being streamed to the wider school community. A unique and entertaining play about bucket lists, life planning and the realisation that no one will live forever, Buckets consists of an interwoven web of stories, characters, and moments.

The episodic nature of the play made it easier to rehearse during lockdown, with rehearsals going on in small bubbles, online and in person. The cast demonstrated great flexibility, good humour and determination as the production had to be reimagined, recast, and rescheduled several times due to Covid interruptions. It was lovely that so many of the I am David cast return to the stage and to see their development over the last year. The ensemble gave some outstanding performances with sensitive and mature character portrayals from Toby , Rufus and Eloise .

After a long period of not being allowed a live audience Miss Brayton was delighted to have live theatre back at Wellington.  All in all, it was fabulous to see the large cast having tremendous fun on stage, which made all the rehearsals and effort worthwhile.

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