15th Annual Head of School Conference

2 October 2020
16:30 - 20:00

About the Event
This year due to the current climate our Annual Head of School (for head boys and head girls) will be a shorter conference delivered online (4:30-7:30 pm).   There will be a mixture of inspiring talks, interactive sessions, networking and scenarios.  The proposed agenda is available to view.

We would like to invite your head boys/head girls/school captains to attend the above conference.  This is a fantastic opportunity for your pupil leaders (Year 13) to join other head pupils and share ideas on how best to lead the student body they are responsible for.  On the booking form you will be asked to add the pupils email (school) address to enable us to send them a link to join the online conference.  We are currently restricting 2 students per school (if you would like to send more please contact us).

Over the past 14 years our Annual Head of School Conference for head boys and head girls have been attended by over 100+ pupil leaders from schools across the country and Europe. The pupils have gathered to embark on a day of leadership discussion and development.  It has been without a doubt a fantastic opportunity to share ideas abot what makes an effective leader and the potential challenges faced when in a position of responsibility.  The morning has included talks on Leadership and the Power of Public Speaking, both of which included valuable and inspiring leadership lessons.  In the afternoon, each group engaged in discussion centred round the importance of communication within their respective schools.  The delegates then considered specific scenarios and discussed the best approach to it, before presenting their ideas to everyone else.  Each group then came up with their own leadership vision, allowing us to collate the ideas we had picked up on.  All in all, it was a memorable day that made the delegates think more thoroughly about the skills that make a good leader and how they could implement those skills in their own leadership positions.

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Head boys, head girls and school captains

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