Georgiana and Cindy to represent Berkshire at COP26

UK Schools Sustainability Network (UKSSN) is taking a diverse group of sixth form students from across the UK to Glasgow for COP26.

Out of 192 applicants at national level, 40 pupils were selected to form a team representing the UKSSN. Within that group, 20 were selected to create a youth delegation that will travel to Glasgow to participate and attend a series of events. 

Two remarkable young Wellingtonians have been selected to be part of the team: Georgiana and Cindy (Lower Sixth, O), are vibrant members of the Wellington College sustainability programme. Their ideas and concepts with regard to climate change have always been exceptional and this has been reflected in their successful applications with UKSSN to represent the Berkshire constituency. Georgiana was selected to be part of the youth delegation travelling to Glasgow. 

Ana Romero, Head of Sustainability at Wellington College said:

Georgiana and Cindy have been great students. Their contributions to the sustainability programme have always been outstanding, and they earned the title of sustainability ambassadors. They worked very hard in their application to UKSSN, trying to achieve a place in one of the world’s most crucial high-level conferences, and I believe this is an outstanding achievement, not only for the courage to apply but also for the significant commitment they are adopting before, during and after attending COP26.

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