Heads Together – A Day in the Life.

Last year, I shadowed the Head Boy for a day. Our resident student media team, WTV, followed us around the College and, in doing so, captured something very special about Wellington. The writers of The Good Schools Guide summed us up perfectly when they described us as a ‘school with mind, heart, guts and a constant fizz.’ This word ‘fizz’ comes close to expressing what makes Wellington unique: it’s the energy, the vibrancy, the chutzpah, and the enormous sense of fun. It is what makes Wellington such a stimulating place to learn.

As well as mocking my attempts to play the bongos and to eat noodles with decorum, this short film provides a snapshot of a typical day at Wellington. Life here is busy, but the busyness is energising, and the energy is infectious. In February, we were delighted to be named Independent Boarding School of the Year at the TES Awards. If you want to know why, just watch the film. You will be struck by the extraordinary range of activities we pack into every day (and this is the condensed version). You will also be struck by something you can’t quite place…

That’s the fizz – if only we could bottle it!

Julian Thomas
Master of Wellington College
and Chief Executive of the Wellington Group of Academies and Schools

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