Migrants: Chancers or Victims?

Emmanuelle Kunigk, Communications Officer for the UN Global Action against People Trafficking, opened this year’s Fireside Talks programme with a passionate and timely presentation on migration, exploring the issues and disinformation that surrounds this current hot topic. A packed Great School (and how good it was, once again to have the talks back in person in front of a live audience) listened attentively as she explained the difference between smuggling and trafficking, warned of the ineffectiveness of campaigns against the dangers of smuggling, and emphasised that while no migrant is illegal, they are often extremely vulnerable to all kinds of exploitation.

Emmi, who is a Wellington parent herself, then hosted a lively question and answer session, fielding a variety of passionate questions from the floor: credit goes to fourth former Quentin F who bravely and eloquently got the discussion going, and there were also excellent contributions from Allegra N, Ned C and Alex WG. As well as those physically present, many more tuned into the live broadcast, including a significant number of parents, emphasising the open, diverse and accessible nature of our Monday evening Fireside Talks.

Thank you Emmi for giving up your valuable time – and for highlighting so knowledgably and compassionately this important issue for our times.

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