Model United Nations

Over the exeat weekend six students, (Allegra N, Hunter P, Alessandro G, Sven B, Will B and Yusuke O) represented Wellington College at a Model United Nations conference in Cambridge.  Assuming the role of various different nations, they discussed global political, economic, human rights and environmental challenges such as denuclearisation, women’s rights, and single-use plastics, and took part in a historical debate that mirrored the Yalta Conference of 1945.

All six Wellington students spent many hours researching their particular areas, exploring the views and standpoints of the countries they were representing.  When it came to the debates, they put forward cogent arguments confidently and articulately, with several of their resolutions and amendments being passed by the committees in which they were involved.  Approximately 160 students attended the conference from all over Europe, and the Wellington students left with three awards at the end of the conference: ‘Distinguished Delegate’ awards went to both Allegra and Alessandro and Sven received an ‘Outstanding Delegate’ award.  This was an impressive performance by the whole team, and they deserve our congratulations!

Head of Enrichment, Simon Kirkham, who led the trip, commented: “MUN is a great way of finding out more about the world and developing not just knowledge, but research, public speaking and debating skills. We are hoping the success of this team will encourage other students to get involved”.

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