Modern Pentathlon at Wellington

As a Pentathlon GB Academy, Wellington College is gaining a reputation for top-class coaching and for the inclusive nature of its outreach programme.

Modern Pentathlon consists of five sports: Swimming, Fencing (épée), Show Jumping and Laser Run (running and shooting combined). At Wellington College, students have the option to train for Modern Pentathlon in its varying disciplines, which allows them to train at their own level. Students can train in Laser Run, Modern Triathlon (Swimming and Laser Run), Modern Tetrathlon (Laser Run, Swimming and Fencing) or Full Modern Pentathlon.

Modern Pentathlon was invented by the founder of the modern-day Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubetin, to crown the best all-round athlete at the Olympic Games. For this reason, it is the perfect sport for all-round sports people, those who want to participate in a variety of sports, and those who like a challenge.

The training programme is delivered by Pentathlon GB Pathway coach and former international Modern Pentathlete, Russell North. Russell delivers training in Laser Run and Fencing, with swimming and running being delivered by the respective team coaches. Riding is delivered offsite. Due to the quality of the programme and coaching delivered, Wellington College is a Pentathlon GB Academy and we work closely with the Pentathlon GB World Class Talent Programme. As part of being a Pentathlon GB Academy, Wellington College offers an outreach programme supplying training opportunities to the local community namely at Eagle House School and at its own Community Club which offers shooting training every Tuesday 6.30pm – 7.30pm during term time.

Success stories include Becky Storer, who was a Community Club member and then joined Wellington in the Lower Sixth. Since joining Wellington, Becky has attended Pentathlon GB Youth Team training camps as well as gained her first international call up at the start of her second year at Wellington.

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