Sedbergh vs Wellington College Rugby Match

‘Arguably the biggest school rugby game in the world over the last 5 years’ 

The Wellington Rugby 1st XV played a strong match, with Rory T (L6, Hl) levelling the game in the final few minutes to finish on a 32-32 draw. The game was described by as:

 A simply stunning game of rugby. All over the pitch there were superstars, but in Ayton (U6, Hl) and Wright, both sides had a man that anyone would want to follow. A showcase of everything that is good about school rugby.

The boys’ Rugby 2nd XV also did not disappoint with their magnificent performance against Sedbergh resulting in a resounding 32-15 victory. All 21 members of the squad displayed incredible prowess, with the quality of play and sheer determination both exemplary. It was a showcase of teamwork and first-rate decision making.  

Every year this game seems to get more and more gloriously dramatic and we look forward to watching these two outstanding sides play again in 2022.

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