Wellington Athletes Enjoy an Afternoon with Sally Gunnell

Self-belief can be the most difficult hurdle of all.

On Thursday 2nd May, we were delighted to welcome Olympic, World, Commonwealth and European gold medallist, Sally Gunnell, to Wellington. Sally led an afternoon of top-class coaching on Rockies, before delivering an inspirational talk in the Christopher Lee Theatre. Those listening, many of whom were sports scholars, were engrossed by the story of how a ‘farmer’s daughter from Essex’ became an Olympic champion. The audience went away with some powerful messages about the importance of team support, about the extraordinary power of visualisation, and about how self-belief can be the most difficult hurdle of all.  A replay of that famous victory in the 400m hurdles Olympic final left many members of the audience on the edge of their seats and brought waves of nostalgia to some of the staff in the theatre as they found themselves transported back to Barcelona,1992.

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