Wellington College celebrates another set of magnificent IB results

With 13 students scoring a maximum 45 points, a new College record, and with an average IB score of 41 points, the Class of ’21 have good reason to feel pleased with their efforts. A stunning 73% scored above 40 points, and 87% secured over 38 points.

James Dahl, the Master of Wellington commented:

I could not be prouder of the achievements of this cohort of IB students – our largest ever at Wellington. This bright and hugely talented group have been through so much over the past 18 months, but they have shown remarkable levels of resolve, resilience and endeavour, dealing with all the challenges which came their way with great calm and clarity of thought. They have also been the most delightful company throughout and can be rightly proud of their stunning results. I have no doubt that this generation of OWs are going to change the world…for the better!

The current L6th celebrating the achievements of our U6th Leavers 2021

Matthew Oakman, Deputy Head Academic had this to say:

In a year that has been difficult and trying for the U6th IB students, they have shown great determination and resilience to score an amazing average of 41 points. 13 students scored the top mark of 45 and 73 % of students scored 40 points or more. They should all feel immensely proud of what they have achieved and I wish them all the very best in their future academic studies.

U6th leavers at Graduation 2021

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