Wellington Runners Triumph in ‘The Grim’

The running club is the strongest it has ever been and on Saturday members of the club represented Wellington College in ‘The Grim’. The race is one of the original mud runs and, in its final year, over 1000 runners from all over the country descended on the Army’s vehicle testing tracks in Aldershot to pit their wits against the challenging terrain, which included mud (a lot of it), sand, woodland, log runs, chest height pools, gullies of freezing cold water, bogs, and camo nets. With the torrential rain adding another level of complexity on the day, this was always going to be an epic event.

The Wellington runners exemplified the College values throughout the race, showing great courage and strength over the obstacles that stood in their way. Not only this but, due to poor signposting, the pupils also ran an extra mile and did so with a smile and great attitude. Notable performances in the 4-mile race were Marcus Nye who led home the Wellington pack, finishing 12th overall (without the extra mile, Marcus would have almost certainly won the whole race). Close behind were Freddie Gillmore (13th), Oslo Adamson (14th) and team captain Tom Williamson (15th), Sven Bruening and Mr Wells. Hugo Williamson, Louis Desforges and Hugo Roddick all finished in the top 35. Their close positioning meant that the boys won the men’s team event.

The Wellington girls dominated the front of the women’s race. Bella Grayken came 4th, Elodie Sinclair 6th, Ophelia Vesely 7th and Gabrielle Steg 9th. The girls were clear winners of the women’s overall team event as well. Zara Cherry, Miss Le Bihan and Ms Gomez all finished in the top 25.

Special mention must go to Harry Trunck who entered the 8-mile course, finishing 58th overall, and to Mr Whitworth who finished 4th. Mrs Lynch won the women’s race, and this enabled another Wellington team to capture a medal in the 8-mile race mixed category; this time a silver.

This was a great way to conclude a very successful term of running. After emerging triumphant from ‘The Grim’, it is clear that nothing will faze our runners as they start their competitive season in earnest next term.

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