Your Old Tech Could Change a Young Life

A group of philanthropic Fifth Form pupils have set up an incredible charity that will bridge the digital divide in education.

During October half term, the UK’s headteachers were informed that laptop allocation in England’s schools was going to be slashed by 80% and that they would now receive far fewer laptops for distance learning than originally promised. In some schools, one in every four students do not have access to devices to enable them to learn at home during local lockdowns or periods when they need to self-isolate. This adds even more financial and emotional pressure on families who feel they are letting their children down.

Grace (Wellelsley), Nell (Angelsey) and Dewi (Lynedoch)

Grace, Nell and Dewi

Grace, Nell and Dewi are three of the pupils at Wellington who have set-up Donation for Education, to make a difference to the lives of underprivileged children who do not have access to digital devices at home. The project involves the collection of old laptops and tablets, having them professionally wiped of any personal details, then distributed to local partner schools.

Grace: ‘We really wanted to make a difference to an issue that is close to our hearts. So many children don’t have access to technology and we find this really frustrating. We want to help.’

Nell: ‘It could change someone’s life. We’re now living in a world where self-isolation and school closers are expected. At Wellington we are so lucky because we have all these resources and we know how important this is to stay on top of our studies. Giving kids the means to access online lessons means they won’t fall behind in lessons and they will be able to thrive’.

Dewi said: ‘It’s an issue that is affecting some young people quite significantly. Here at Wellington we have the means to help. I really hope that everyone at Wellington who has a spare laptop or tablet will donate. Even by giving just one device you can make such a big difference. It’s a project that YOU can play a part in, relatively easily. All you have to do is drop your devices in to MFL building as soon as possible.’

So far this team of determined young people have collected over 100 devices, a brand-new laptops and charitable donations. If you’d like to be a part of this fantastic project, then please see the details on how to donate and get in touch today.

How to donate?

  • Bring old laptops or tablets (including chargers if possible, please) to the MFL building.
  • They can be dropped at the HoD office at the top of the stairs or the main staff room.
  • If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Kirkham and the ‘Donation for Education’ team on
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