The Raglan contains pupils who have a wide range of skills and interests, and an atmosphere of inclusion and involvement is a key feature of the House.

The HM

Gareth Carr was educated in South Africa and first spent time in the United Kingdom as a professional hockey player in 2003. After various spells in the UK, his travels led him to Wellington College to run the hockey programme.

Whilst playing professionally he represented South Africa (89 caps, 52 goals) and attended the World Cup and Commonwealth Games both held in Delhi in 2010. In addition to coaching hockey over the past eleven years, Gareth tutored in three different houses across all year groups and for the past seven years held the position as Assistant Housemaster in the Hardinge. Having previously taught PE, Gareth now teaches a large majority of the Wellbeing syllabus at Wellington.

Gareth is supported in his role by his wife, Bethan, who currently teaches Art at Wellington and who has a vast amount of pastoral experience as a former Senior Assistant Housemistress and AHM of the Wellesley and the Orange. Gareth and Bethan are kept busy at home by their two boys Oliver (5) and Joshua (3) who currently attend Eagle House. Lola, their 8-year-old Labrador, is also a frequent visitor to the house.

Gareth’s primary focus revolves around building a culture of inclusivity, kindness and respect in this large house full of immensely talented young men.

The House

The Raglan is a day house, located near the main entrance to the school. The Raglan is open from 7.30am-9pm, allowing students to fully involve themselves in life at Wellington. Raglan students contribute widely demonstrating interest and excellence in sport, debating, music, acting and dance, charity and service, as well as the high academic standards the students set for themselves.

The house is a welcoming base, with an open common room, study rooms for groups of 6-10 students, and outdoor space for table tennis and football. These students receive support from a combination of excellent tutors, the matron Gerry and the housekeeper Carole.

The Raglan is a base for 75 students. This size brings a great diversity of students from many cultures though they share a strong collective spirit. Raglanites are very proud of their house, considerate of those who live and work closely with them, and respect their peers as individuals. Over the next few years, the Raglan students are looking forward to building on their relationship with a local school and the Mityana Charity in Uganda, as well as developing their roles as student leaders across the school.