Spiritual Life

"Offering liberal measures of unconditional positive regards, my calling is to teach and nourish self-compassion and to point where spirituality, deep humanity and community are found in the heart, home, classroom and office."

Under the care and ministry of the Chaplain, Wellington College Chapel is liberal, inclusive, themed and gently Anglican to give due honour and respect to the Royal and Religious Foundation of the College.

Always kept in mind is the fact that pupils, and indeed the entire Wellington Community, are of specific faiths and of no faiths, but that all are on a spiritual pilgrimage towards an ever-deepening self-awareness of who they are and of their place in the Universe. Chapel plays a large part in this spiritual journey and pupils therefore attend services twice a week: once on a Tuesday or Thursday morning before lessons, and once on a Sunday evening, with the Holy Eucharist celebrated at least twice a term.

The Chapel

Significant feasts of the Church are celebrated such as Ascension Day, as well as Ash Wednesday and Passiontide. The services of Nine Lessons and Carols, designed and written by Wellington’s first Master, The Rt. Rev. Edward White Benson (who later became Archbishop of Canterbury), are particular favourites of the Wellington Community.

Every year, Confirmation classes are held in the Michaelmas Term and the Confirmation service itself, officiated by a visiting Bishop from the Diocese of Oxford, is held in November. Roman Catholic, Jewish and Muslim pupils are also looked after separately by members of the Wellington Community of those faiths.

Many Wellingtonians become heavily involved in the life of the Chapel in a variety of ways, from working with the Servers’ Guild through to singing in the Chapel Choir. It is also common for pupils to lead Chapel services at Wellington.