Wellington Family of Schools

The Wellington Family of Schools includes the College, two state academies in Wiltshire, five schools in China, one in Thailand, and Eagle House in Sandhurst.

Wellington College is renowned for being an outward-facing school with a strong international perspective and a deep desire to engage proactively and meaningfully with the state sector. One key way in which these three characteristics have manifested themselves over the past decade is through the growing family of schools opened both in the UK and around the world by the College.

Eagle House, Wellington’s prep school, has enjoyed a very close relationship with the College for over 50 years, but the past decade has seen the expansion of the Wellington Family of Schools in two very exciting ways.

At home in the UK, Wellington has opened two state academies, both of which bear the Wellington name, in Wiltshire. By founding the academies on the same guiding principles as the College and through regular, close partnership, our aim is to look beyond the confines of our Crowthorne campus to engage meaningfully and productively with schools in different contexts to ourselves. This partnership with the outside world goes to the very core of the original foundation of Wellington College.

Further afield, Wellington has also sought to engage with some of the most exciting emerging international contexts by opening three schools in China, with more to follow in due course. Our two international schools in Tianjin and Shanghai offer pupils in the East an excellent education based on the same ethos and identity which characterises a Wellington education here in the UK, and the recent opening of a Bilingual Early Years Centre in Shanghai is, perhaps, the most exciting project of them all as we aim to fuse the best of western and eastern pedagogical traditions.

The opportunities which arise for the staff and pupils at all schools as a result of being part of such a diverse and exciting group of schools are numerous but include exchanges, cultural trips and collaborative learning opportunities for both children and adults alike.

Wellington China concert