Wellington College International Shanghai

One of the most successful and fastest growing international schools in Shanghai.

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It fosters amongst its students an appreciation and respect for their respective cultures, and in particular for those of its host country.

Wellington College International Shanghai opened in August 2014 as a coeducational 3-18 day school with boarding option for Senior School students. Students follow the IGCSE and IB Diploma curricula, and go on to study at some of the world’s leading universities. The school has quickly become recognised as one of the top schools in Shanghai and indeed in China.

Located in the Pudong district and easily reached by road and public transport, the College is set in a beautiful campus, with facilities as good as any in the world of international education and. the architecture takes inspiration from the distinctive classical style of Wellington College in England.

The school is already delivering outstanding results in all areas, but continues to push to become on the the world’s leading international schools, actively building upon the long and successful history of Wellington College. It is a vibrant and challenging school, which opens the minds and hearts of students, teachers, parents and all members of the wider community. It provides a transformative experience, equipping students with the personal self-discipline, integrity, responsibility, leadership and adaptability to face the demands of a rapidly changing world.

As with all the Wellington College International schools, Shanghai embodies so much of Wellington with which it has strong and authentic connection that enriches the experience of all Wellington students. However, it is also a school unique to its place and its people, fostering very deliberately among its students an appreciation and respect for all their many cultures, and in particular for those of its host country, China.

To discover more, please visit the Wellington College International Shanghai website.