"Pupils take responsibility for their own learning, ask pertinent questions, thrive on intellectual challenge and persevere in the face of any difficulty." ISI Report - March 2014

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Like all UK Independent schools, Wellington is inspected regularly by the ISI to ensure that high standards are maintained.

They regard the wellbeing and happiness of the pupils as paramount, but are also interested in the quality and depth of teaching and learning and the extent of the co-curricular provision. The most recent inspection reports can be accessed via the link below.

March 2018 Regulatory and Compliance Inspection 

Following a two-day regulatory and compliance inspection in March, we are delighted to share the Independent Schools Inspectorate report. The College met all the regulatory requirements of the Independent School Standards and National Minimum Boarding Standards, with no recommendations – the best possible outcome for the College.

Although this was a compliance inspection only, meaning that no overall judgements are made, the inspectors looked at all aspects of College life: they observed lessons, visited boarding houses, conducted interviews with staff, students and governors, and examined samples of students’ work. We were thrilled by the feedback gathered from the pupil and parent surveys.

The report highlights the strong academic results achieved by our students, with IGCSE and IB results being ‘higher than worldwide norms’ and A Level results being ‘well above the national average’ for maintained schools.

Continuing to embed our school Values will be one of our strategic priorities for next year and it is pleasing to hear that we are building on what are already solid foundations. The inspectors commented that ‘principles and values are actively promoted’ in the College, which ‘facilitate the personal development of pupils as responsible, tolerant, law-abiding citizens.’ Our five College Values (Kindness, Courage, Respect, Integrity and Responsibility) underpin all that we do and we look forward to reaffirming and celebrating them over the course of the next academic year.

2014 Integrated Inspection 

In the 2014 integrated inspection (regulatory and , the ISI rated Wellington College as “excellent” in every category. The full report is available via the button at the bottom of this page, but the following quotations from their findings help give a flavour of the school they discovered.

“The quality of teaching is excellent…supporting the aims of the school to engage, excite and challenge all pupils” which leads to an environment where “the pupils argue cogently and persuasively and apply new knowledge and skills rapidly. Pupils are highly articulate, write fluently and are good readers and listeners” and they “apply scientific and mathematical skills and concepts with confidence.”

“Excellent academic standards are matched by exceptional levels of achievement in the co-curriculum, including sport and the creative and performing arts…pupils’ attitudes to learning are excellent. They have a tremendous thirst for knowledge, have strong research skills, using ICT as a matter of course and enjoy independent study.”

“Pupils’ moral development is excellent, they have a clear understanding of right and wrong, which is evident in the way they support each other and behave around the school…the ethos of the community allows pupils to grow into extremely confident and articulate young adults who possess a strong sense of who they are and what they believe.”

“Pupils demonstrate excellent social development. They are polite and courteous, showing respect for their peers and teachers, and are at ease with adults…Pupils attain an excellent standard of personal development by the time they leave Wellington.”

Wellington always looks forward to inspections: we enjoy showing off our school, and even more importantly appreciate the important role that such inspections have in maintaining the very highest standards across the entire independent sector.

Wellington College ISI Reports