Sunday 7 – Thursday 11 April
(Residential pupils arrive on Saturday 6 April)

**Booking has now closed**

Pupils will benefit from guidance that is tailored to their individual needs and with expert instruction from experienced teaching staff, they’ll look to take those final steps towards success, as well as enjoying an atmosphere that is inspirational and reassuring in equal measure.

The subjects on offer for 2024:

  • A Level : Business Studies, Economics, Maths, Physics 
  • GCSE (Higher paper only for ALL subjects): Chemistry, Chemistry Combined Science, Physics, Physics Combined Science, Maths, English Language
  • IGCSE: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, English Language 

Please check which exams boards apply below.

Key Information

  • All pupils from any school who are in their final year of IGCSE, GCSE or A Levels are welcome to attend
  • A Level courses are based on an approximate ratio of 1 teacher to a maximum of 10 pupils
  • GCSE/ IGCSE courses are based on an approximate ratio of 1 teacher to a maximum of 10 pupils
  • A Level pupils can take 1 subject for the duration of the course and GCSE/IGCSE students can take up to 2 subjects
  • Pupils will be guided through key content and revision methods each day, reviewing key skills and exam approaches. In addition, they will be offered the chance to complete past papers to support their progress
  • We will not be offering any AS courses
  • Residential and non-residential places are available

Course Objectives

  • Teach key facts, patterns and principles
  • Renewed confidence and motivation
  • Give examination practice
  • Improve technique and exam skills
  • Guide students towards better quality answers

Daily Schedule

  • Residential students arrive the evening of Saturday 6 April
  • Non-residential students arrive the morning of Sunday 7 April
  • All classes run for the five days of the course
  • A typical day is broken into 4 study periods
  • Students who are residential or taking two subjects will be provided lunch
  • Single subject students will arrive and leave in line with the AM or PM session they are booked for
  • A mixture of evening activities will be provided for residential students including access to the sports facilities and film nights


“My son thought it was excellent and has been recommending it to all his sceptical friends who can’t believe he enjoyed a week of maths!”

“… had a very fulfilling week at Wellington, her marks doubled across the week and she feels better equipped to continue on with revision.”

“He thoroughly enjoyed his time in all subjects and said that all his teachers were so amazing and helpful… He has even said that he would return for A Level revision!”

“Really good – went through lots of exam papers, good resources, teacher really approachable – would definitely recommend.


Residential Course (A Level, GCSE/ IGCSE)

  • GCSE/ IGCSE price includes two subject choices.
  • A Level price includes one subject choice.
  • Includes five nights full board accommodation in a single room, three meals per day, up to six hours daily tuition. Plus daily prep time and use of the available facilities including access to all evening activities

Course fee £1245

Non-residential Full Time Student (A Level, GCSE/ IGCSE)

  • GCSE/ IGCSE price includes two subject choices.
  • A Level price includes one subject choice.
  • Includes lunch, up to six hours tuition per day for five days

Course fee £900

Part Time Student (Non-residential)

  • Only available for GCSE/IGCSE – one subject only.
  • Includes up to three hours GCSE/IGCSE tuition per day for five days either  AM or PM session

Course fee £550

NB part-time course may be taught over AM and PM sessions pending confirmation of final timetable.

Subjects, Exam Boards & Specifications Offered

Subjects for A Level and GCSE/IGCSE  

Please note that all courses are subject to minimum numbers being met.

A Level

  • Business Studies (Edexcel)
  • Economics (Edexcel)
  • Maths (Edexcel, OCR, AQA)
  • Physics (OCR)
  • Biology (AQA,OCR)


GCSE (Higher paper only for ALL subjects)

  • Chemistry (AQA)
  • Chemistry Combined Science (AQA)
  • Physics (AQA)
  • Physics Combined Science (AQA)
  • Maths (Edexcel, AQA, OCR)
  • English Language (AQA) *FULLY BOOKED*



  • Biology (Edexcel) *FULLY BOOKED*
  • Chemistry (Edexcel) *FULLY BOOKED*
  • Physics (Edexcel)
  • Maths (Edexcel)
  • English Language (Edexcel)

For more information about the subjects, exam boards and specifications offered please contact 

Information Required At Booking

We require all of the following information at point of booking:

  1. The student’s subject or subjects they wish to revise
  2. Exam Board and specification number/letter e.g. AQA A or B, OCR J567 Higher, Edexcel B etc (this can be obtained from the student’s school)
  3. Current grade level or mock result for the subject
  4. Predicted grade or grade the student hopes to achieve

If the information provided is incorrect, this could lead to the student being placed in the wrong class or their place being cancelled without a refund.

If we are currently not offering your course please contact with your specific requirements. Should we receive enough interest we shall investigate the possibility of adding the subject/exam board/specification, but we can make no promises.


"I got a grade U in the mock and then an A* in the final exam"

A Level Pupil

"Thank you so much, both boys received 8s and 9s in their subjects"

GCSE Parent

Top Tips on How to Revise Effectively

Top Tips on How to Revise Effectively

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