"It's the shared experiences and sense of belonging that make the Wellington Community so unique."

Issie, OW 20


pupils, OWs and parents (past and present) form our community’s global professional and social network

We have developed a global professional and social network, delivering a diverse programme of events and offer invaluable careers support, guidance, and mentoring opportunities. We offer invaluable careers support and guidance for students and OWs.

Another major part of our work is to raise funds for the Widening Opportunity programme to offer fully-funded Prince Albert Scholarships – to ensure we continue to be able to offer places to more young people with talent and promise the amazing opportunities that a Wellington education provides.

“The Prince Albert scholarship programme resonates with me as it is my firm belief that the best and the brightest children should have access to every opportunity regardless of their background.”
Iain Drayton, Current parent, supporter and PAF Ambassador

Welly Connect

Welly Connect acts like a bespoke LinkedIn, allowing pupils, parents and OWs to utilise the trusted Wellington College environment by expanding and exploring professional networks. It is an exclusive platform for the Wellington Community and currently has over 5,500 members comprised of OWs, current (and former) parents and 6th form students. It is a staggering resource providing a lifetime of careers advice and guidance as well as a great way to stay up to date with College and OW news and events.

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Old Wellingtonians

The OW programme boasts a wide range of clubs and activities and OWs are always welcome at the frequent events organised for specific age groups, either at Wellington or further afield. Whether just for friendship, or for career opportunities and guidance, never has the saying, ‘The best thing about leaving Wellington is becoming an Old Wellingtonian’  been more accurate.


Parents become part of our amazing global Wellington Community alongside, students, Old Wellingtonians and staff and is not just for the time your children are with us – it’s for life!

The Wellington Community offers parents a meaningful programme of cultural, pastoral, social, business, careers and educational events and activities enabling parents to come together with other members of the Wellington Community to reinforce, support and build the special and unique relationship that we all have with Wellington College and with one another.

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