The Arts

The Arts are flourishing at Wellington and we were hugely proud when the Arts Council awarded the College Artsmark Gold in 2014 in recognition of our outstanding provision and standards across all the Arts.

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"You have combined access of opportunity with high ambition, skills and a joy for learning in and through the Arts." Artsmark Inspection

Every Wellingtonian is involved, from the Third Form onwards, in our imaginative and dynamic Arts Programme, which seeks to enflame their creative imagination and to make the very most of their artistic talent and potential. Quite simply, we aim to give every Wellingtonian a lifelong delight in the Arts.

Across Drama, Dance, Music, Creative Writing and Art & Design we offer pupils the opportunity to pursue their cultural passions both within the academic curriculum and, more importantly, through an incredibly diverse programme of annual events with opportunities to perform and showcase their learning and talent. Whether they are budding actors, singer-songwriters, designers, journalists, film-makers, musicians, authors, poets, singers or dancers, each and every Wellingtonian is encouraged to engage with their creative selves so they can discover the beauty and joy to be found in the Arts.

Our artistic programme culminates in our annual Wellington Arts Festival – an event which celebrates the best of the Arts, opens our doors to the national community and sees our home-grown talent perform alongside internationally renowned celebrities from the art world.

Will Young, Elize du Toit, Sebastian Faulks, Ellie Bamber, George Orwell, Nicholas Grimshaw, and Christopher Lee are all Old Wellingtonians and, with such an illustrious history in the Arts, the College remains more committed than ever to nurturing the creative spark within all our pupils.