Beyond the classroom

The intellectual life of the College stretches way beyond the confines of the classroom, and Wellingtonians are able to take full advantage of the wonderful opportunities for academic enrichment beyond the classroom.

At Wellington, the intellectual life of our pupils is not left behind the moment they leave the classroom. On the contrary, our aim is challenge each and every Wellingtonian to take full advantage of the wide variety of academic enrichment opportunities available to ensure they journey far beyond the confines of any curriculum and to kindle a love of life-long learning within their hearts.

Whether this is through regular attendance at our weekly Inspire and Master’s Lectures or our termly WellingTEN talks, through membership of one of our thriving pupil-led academic societies, or simply by immersing oneself in our wonderfully modern library – fully equipped with all the latest technology, online resources and traditional print media alike – Wellington is a place where true intellectual debate and enquiry flourishes.

Only by encouraging our pupils to take a full interest in the worlds around them will they, in turn, become interesting adults and this process begins in the Third Form when all pupils complete a cross-curricular research project on a topic of their choice for the annual Malim Prize. Many of our Sixth Formers go on to complete Extended Project Qualifications and those studying A Levels have the chance to pursue a non-examined academic discipline under their fifth column option, with electives ranging from creative writing courses to introductory courses in Psychology and Behavioural Economics.