"Genuinely one of the best experiences of my life!"

Royal Marines Cadet
(after completing the Pringle Trophy)

Wellington was founded in memory of ‘Britain’s greatest general’, Arthur, Duke of Wellington, and has, ever since, celebrated a rich and successful service to all branches of Britain’s military forces.

The CCF experience at Wellington serves to provide a useful insight into the role and activities of the armed forces, giving a flavour of military values, activities and influence in changing times. Amongst other things, being part of the CCF helps pupils develop their leadership, problem-solving skills, resilience, independence and ability to work in a team.

“It should come as no surprise that a school named after one of the UK’s most famous soldiers and located very close to the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, has a thriving Combined Cadet Force.”The Week

Wellingtonians will first experience CCF in the Fourth Form, becoming cadets on the first Wednesday of the Michaelmas Term. This is compulsory for everyone in the year. The Fourth Form CCF experience centres around the Salamanca Shield, an inter house competition based on military and adventurous training skills taught throughout the year. Cadets will compete in competitions ranging from navigation, orienteering, drill, field craft, raft building, the obstacle course, march + shoot, and stalking. Prizes are awarded to the top three houses at the end of the year.

The final part of the Fourth Form CCF experience is a 5-day adventurous training camp based in the UK. Activities include kayaking, climbing, paddle boarding, paintballing, coast steering, abseiling, caving, and axe throwing (to name a few).


different sections within the College's CCF Contingent to choose from

Cadets will be assigned to one of our core Sections (Royal Navy, Army or Royal Air Force) and will learn specialist skills depending on which branch they find themselves in. For example, our Royal Navy Fourth Form will often conduct sailing in their first year, compared to our Royal Air Force cadets, who will often conduct glider training in their first year.

For those cadets who wish to continue CCF into the Fifth Form and beyond, there are a number of more specialist sections available. These include Royal Marines, Advanced Infantry, Cavalry, Senior Drum Corps and Senior Bugle Platoon. The experience for these cadets is far more in depth and outward facing. For example, our Royal Marine and Advanced Infantry cadets will compete in national level cadet military competitions. Other senior Sections are very much at the heart of all Wellington ceremony. The Senior Drum Corps and Bugle Platoon will represent the College, and Contingent, at Remembrance, school concerts and Speech Day. The Cavalry Section work tirelessly throughout the year to put on a fantastic historical military display on Speech Day.

No matter where or for how long a cadet finds themselves in CCF, their experience is memorable and will serve them far beyond their time at Wellington.

"The key finding of the Northampton social impact research project 2020, found that the participation in the Cadet Forces has significant positive impacts on young people, increasing their performance at school and improving their employment and career prospects."

Sam Wilson
Head of CCF

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