The food available to pupils, staff and visitors at Wellington is quite simply superb, and the College is extremely well catered for by the superb team of chefs and kitchen staff who work tirelessly in the main Dining-Hall and V&A cafeteria.

Breakfast is served from 7.30am onwards and pupils can choose from an array of fresh fruit and yoghurts, cereals, pastries and also a fully cooked option along with tea, coffee, water and fruit juice. Some boarding Houses provide breakfast for pupils ‘in-House’.

Pupils have the choice to take lunch either in the V&A or the main Dining-Hall, depending on their timetable and their preference. The V&A transforms into a Subway-style delicatessen at lunch time, offering Wellingtonians a choice of three filled rolls as well as cold meats, salad and fruit either to be eaten on-site or on the go. The Dining-Hall presents a selection of at least three cooked meals every day, as well as a regular jacket potato option, a pasta and/or noodle bar, plus a fully stocked selection of cold meats, salad items and fruit, not to mention cooked and cold desserts.

Those with in-House dining facilities (Beresford, Stanley and Talbot) eat their evening meal in their respective Houses, whilst the rest of the Wellington Community return to the Dining-Hall from 6:30pm.

Throughout the day, the V&A cafeteria is open serving hot and cold drinks, as well as a variety of snacks and food items carefully selected by the catering staff.

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