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Wellington College is deeply committed to providing an education which opens pupils’ hearts and minds to the world which exists beyond the confines of our Crowthorne campus. We teach the IB Diploma as an alternative to A Levels, have a family of schools around the world and organise numerous overseas trips every year.

Another key way in which the College seeks to engage with the wider international community is through the recruitment of around 20-30 international pupils to join Wellington at both 13+ and 16+ every year, and we are very proud to welcome children from all around the world to study in our wonderful school.

The admissions process, whether pupils are looking to join from the UK or from international backgrounds, is the same: there is no separate admissions process for overseas pupils. The Review Panel which makes decisions about offers will, however, always take into consideration the educational context from which an individual boy or girl is applying.


pupils live overseas

The pace of academic life at Wellington is strong, however, and it is therefore important that all overseas and international pupils joining the College are proficient, if not fluent English speakers and writers when they arrive, although English as an Additional Language (EAL) support can be given to those who require it.


UKiset is an online test designed for international pupils which measures ability over three areas: Vocabulary, Maths and Non Verbal Reasoning. Any 16+ candidate for whom English is not their first language, whether studying currently in the UK or abroad, must complete UKiset as part of the application process. 13+ candidates may also offer UKiset results as part of their application, but this is not a necessity as all 13+ candidates complete English and Verbal Reasoning assessments as part of the ISEB Common Pretest.

Please visit www.ukiset.com for more details.


Wellington College is happy to accept applications from families who are using agents but we do not pay any commission to third parties for placing pupils at the school. Whilst we continue to enjoy close relationships with many agents and educational consultants around the world, we do not proactively use them to recruit pupils for the College and there is no advantage to parents in using an agent in terms of the likelihood of being offered a place at Wellington.

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