Wellington is a national and international centre for educational thinking and debate. The innovation found in our curriculum is matched by the inventiveness and variety of our conference programme, which culminates in June with the Festival of Education.

Our conferences are aimed at innovative school leaders, students, teachers and non-teaching staff, as well as all those who aspire to introduce real change to their institutions. We welcome delegates from academies, state and independent sectors, universities, local authorities and subject specialists.

Our Three Annual Conferences

  • Applying to Universities in the USA: Advisor Training Day
  • Head of School Conference: Leadership (for head boys and head girls)
  • Festival of Leadership: Junior Challenge Day (for students In years 7-11

New concepts for 2019/20

  • Character Education for Prep School Heads
  • Self-Care for Designated Safeguarding Leads in Boarding Schools
  • SENCO Forum for Prep Schools

Subject Specific Days for 6th Form Pupils

  • English Literature: Rethinking Boundaries (a conference for English tutors and 6th form pupils interested in English extension)
  • Global Politics: World Order – Shift to Multi Polarity
  • US Congress to Campus headed by visiting US Congressmen
  • Economics Revision Day

For more details about the conferences currently open for booking please click on the links below.

If you are interested in any of the conferences not yet open for booking, please register your interest by contacting Tarla Woolhouse, Educational Conference Manager by:

Forthcoming Conferences

2019 Conferences

2020 Conferences

  • 5 Feb: Global Politics Conference – World Order-Shift to Multi Polarity
  • 8 Feb: Pastoral Conference (3) for Parents
  • 26 Feb: IStip NQT Conference (2)
  • 11 Mar: Congress to Campus (a conference including visiting US Congressmen)
  • 28 Apr: Economics Revision Day
  • 16 May: Pastoral Conference (3)
  • 20 May: IStip NQT Conference (3)
  • 9 Jun: Annual PSB (Prep School Baccalaureate) Conference
  • TBC Jun: Young Leadership Festival for Yr 5 Students (2)