For 13+ Entry

At 13+ Academic and Music Scholarships and Exhibitions are offered before entry to the College via an examination and interview process that takes place during Year 8. Candidates must be under the age of 14 on 1st September of their intended year of entry. However, the College’s seven highest academic accolades – our named Scholarships – are awarded at the end of the Third Form (Year 9).

Music Awards (including Choral Scholarships) are awarded through audition and interview at the end of January in year 8. The application form is available HERE. 

Scholarships for Sport, Art, Dance and Drama are also offered but not until after joining Wellington College, at the end of Third Form. Candidates who are likely to be interested in these Scholarships are, however, invited to attend an Inspire Day in the Lent term of Year 8. Inspire Days allow students to show their talent and work to date to our teachers and get a feel for the extension programme that will be available to them in Third Form and beyond.

For 16+ Entry

At 16+, scholarships are offered prior to entry in Art, Dance, Drama, Music and Sport. Candidates may apply as part of the registration process, but only those who make it through to Stage Three will be invited for assessment. Every candidate is considered for an Academic scholarship automatically.


All candidates invited to Stage Three (Interview and Assessment Day) will automatically be considered for academic scholarships and exhibitions.

An academic scholar will be expected to contribute to the intellectual life of the school and to perform at an academic level that is commensurate with their ability.

A number of academic scholarships are available each year and the actual number of awards will depend on quality of the candidates through every stage of the Admissions process. Further awards of academic colours are made once GCSE exam results have been received (for those sitting GCSEs).


Candidates for Art Scholarships will be expected to demonstrate skills in the context of their chosen area(s) of Art:

• development and exploration of ideas demonstrating a high level of creativity, independent thought, visual expression and imagination

• a range of experimentation with different media, techniques and processes showing appreciation of different ways of working

• recording of ideas, observation and insights. Appreciation of different approaches to recording images, such as observation, analysis, expression and imagination. Understanding of pictorial space, composition, rhythm, scale and structure and appreciation of colour, line, tone, texture, shape and form

• presentation of personal and meaningful responses

• genuine passion, enthusiasm and desire to know more about historical and contemporary art and design

• self-initiated projects alongside teacher-led projects showing the ability to work independently and demonstrate independence of mind

Art Scholars or Exhibitioners will be expected to play an active and positive leading role amongst Art pupils throughout their time at Wellington. They must also take A-level or IB Higher Level Art.


Candidates for Dance awards will be expected to show creativity, verve, commitment to the subject and excellent technical and expressive skills. They will have studied dance from an early age (or have a natural flair), and are likely to have reached the equivalent of Grade 6 in ballet and/or modern dance using the R.A.D. and I.S.T.D. syllabuses. For candidates without GCSE Dance or graded examination evidence, appropriate equivalent qualifications or high-level performance experience will be considered, although an understanding of choreography is also highly recommended.

Dance scholars are expected to take A-level or IB Dance. It is not possible to gain scholarship status without this. In return, pupils gaining awards in Dance will be offered ongoing access to our extensive array of classes and workshops, as well as tailored support for any auditions, graded examinations, interviews, or vocational applications.  They will also be expected to participate fully in College productions, acting as positive role models in behaviour and commitment. We also expect scholars to lead younger year groups’ workshops or classes at agreed times as well, in order to develop their leadership skills.


Drama 16+ Entry

Drama Scholars must act as ambassadors for both the subject and the co-curricular programme at Wellington College. They must have deep rooted enthusiasm for theatre and should act as positive role models in behaviour and commitment. We also expect scholars to lead younger year groups’ workshops or classes at agreed times.


Drama Scholars (Performance) will be expected to play an integral role in all aspects of College Drama, from productions to trips, and from DramaSOC to the Theatre Masterclass programme. Drama scholars must commit to Drama and Theatre at A-Level or IB. LAMDA lessons will be provided as part of the scholarship programme and candidates will be entered for exams in negotiation with the Director of Drama.


Drama Scholars (Technical/Design) will be expected to involve themselves in supporting the extra- curricular theatre programme and the academic practical exams, utilising and developing their skills as either a technician or a designer. They will work alongside the Director of Drama, Theatre Manager and Theatre Technicians. Although it is expected that Drama Scholars (Technical/Design) will want to opt for A Level Drama and Theatre or IB Theatre, exceptions can be made for truly outstanding candidates.


Music Awards (Scholarships and Exhibitions) are awarded to students who demonstrate a genuine interest and passion for music.  16+ applicants should be performing  at Grade 8 level in their main study and will be expected to demonstrate aural skills, sight-reading, and general musicianship.  It is not necessary to audition on more than one instrument if your main instrument is outstanding (Diploma level) but we will listen to students offering two or more instruments and singing.  One or more scholarships can be awarded to those with organ as their principal instrument.  Choral Scholarships are awarded to students whose passion is choral singing, with sight-singing a pre-requisite.

Music Scholarships and Exhibitions entail free music tuition in two instruments. Music Scholars are also entitled to free Alexander Technique lessons and free composition lessons. Choral Award holders receive free singing tuition.

Scholars leave Wellington to study music at Oxbridge or other Universities or to continue instrumental studies at Conservatoire.  We look favourably on those who wish to study music as an Academic subject in the 6th form

Music Award Holders will be expected to play an active and positive leading role amongst Music pupils throughout their time at Wellington, joining a team of over 90 award holders and taking part in a variety of ensembles.

To apply for a 16+ Music Scholarship, please send this application form by the end of September in year 11 and email to


Sports awards may be offered to candidates with outstanding achievement and promise in at least one priority sport which is played at Wellington and where exceptional talent is evident. Priority sports are: Cricket, Football, Golf, Hockey, Netball, Racquet Sports (Rackets and tennis in particular) and Rugby. Candidates should have the potential or already be involved in an external sporting pathway, such as with a club, county, regional or national representation.

Scholarship awards in themselves do not provide reduction in school fees.

Music Scholarships afford parents free tuition in two instruments and free composition and Alexander Technique lessons. Pupils applying for a Music Scholarship must complete the Music Scholarship Entry Form for 13+ or for 16+.

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