Some scholarships are offered at 13+ entry, some at the end of Year 9 and more at 16+ entry.

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Scholarship awards reward excellence and celebrate outstanding potential and application across a number of different areas. Scholarships are available at both 13+ and 16+.

For 13+ Entry

At 13+ Academic and Music Scholarships and Exhibitions are offered before entry to the College via an examination and interview process that takes place during Year 8. Candidates must be under the age of 14 on 1st September of their intended year of entry. However, the College’s seven highest academic accolades – our named Scholarships – are awarded at the end of the Third Form (Year 9).

Scholarships for Sport, Art, Dance and Drama are also offered but not until after joining Wellington College, at the end of Third Form. Candidates who are likely to be interested in these Scholarships are, however, invited to attend an Inspire Day in the Lent term of Year 8. Inspire Days allow students to show their talent and work to date to our teachers and get a feel for the extension programme that will be available to them in Third Form and beyond.

For 14+ Entry

Wellington College is not able to award Scholarships at 14+ entry.

For 16+ Entry

At 16+ Scholarships are offered in all the areas mentioned above.

Detailed information about the 16+ scholarship process for 2022 entry is shown in the 16+ Scholarship booklet.

A reference from their current school, to include academic assessment, will be requested for all candidates long-listed for an assessment day in November. Specialist references should be presented in support of any non-academic scholarship application.

Scholarship awards in themselves do not provide reduction in school fees.  

Music Scholarships afford parents free tuition in two instruments and free composition and Alexander Technique lessons. Pupils applying for a Music Scholarship must complete the Music Scholarship Entry Form.