Digital learning

In 2015, Wellington College was made a Microsoft Showcase School - the first independent senior school in the UK to receive this accolade - in recognition of our innovative and forward-thinking use of IT in the classroom.

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Wellington College is a leader in Digital Learning. Our Wi-Fi network extends campus wide and offers state-of-the-art connectivity, safety and security.  It is the expectation of the College that pupils bring an inkable Windows 10 device to all lessons.

It is increasingly the case that tablet technology and, specifically, digital inking is having a large influence in the classroom. Our network, whilst accessible to a wide variety of machines, is optimised for Windows 10 devices. It is for these reasons that we ask all pupils to choose one of the following computers to use in College:

  • Microsoft Surface Book
  • Microsoft Surface Pro

These devices can be purchased by the College for pupils when they join the College and are fully set up on the Wellington system with all required software provided.

Mobile Phone Policy

Whilst the College remains committed to embracing the use of technology to support teaching and learning across the school, it is important to ensure that appropriate use of mobile devices does not undermine the development of strong interpersonal communication or, indeed, the wellbeing and mental health of Wellingtonians.  We therefore accept that staff and pupils may carry a mobile device during the normal school day but ask that their use remains private and not visible in a public place within the College.  Devices should always be kept on silent or switched off, and should not be used when moving about the school site.