Grants & Donations

At Wellington we believe strongly in supporting the expertise and energy of other organisations that are educating, developing and supporting young people. One way that we do this is through the provision of funds. Some of our initiatives are listed below.

Calendar of Availability 2021
Availability Non-Residential Residential Weddings
Feb 17 arrow 21
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Mar 27 arrow 31

Apr 01 arrow 18
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May 02 arrow 03
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May 31

Jun 01 arrow 06
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Jul 12 arrow 31

Aug 01 arrow 23
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Oct 03
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Nov 27 arrow 28
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Dec 18 arrow 20
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The Arts Fund

Wellington College pupils stage regular music and drama performances for which we charge a nominal fee to the audience. These funds are then made available to local schools to aid their own arts education. Schools can bid for grants of up to £1,000, the application windows close on the last day of September, January and April each year. Previous recipients of the grant have used it to purchase new staging; hire performance lighting; replenish arts supplies and music equipment.

For more information, please contact Simon Williamson

Educational Grants to Schools

Each academic year we disburse some of the proceeds from our commercial activities as grants to local schools. We are still exploring the most effective way to target this and welcome feedback. For the academic year 2020-21, we selected the five secondary schools geographically closest to the College to receive £50,000 each to support their covid response. We also provided two grants of £15,000 to community schools to develop their outside spaces; and made eight unrestricted donations of £2,000 each to local primary schools.

For more information, please contact Kerry Symeonidis

The Wellington College Community Fund

The Wellington College Community Fund is independently managed for us by the Berkshire Community Foundation, an established charitable hub in Reading. Each year, we commit £40,000 of our commercial income plus a percentage of the Wellington pupils’ own fundraising initiatives for onwards distribution to local organisations that are supporting young people with their education and wellbeing.

For more information, please contact the Berkshire Community Foundation

Pupil Fundraising

The pupils of Wellington College put on fundraising and donation activities to support a wide range of causes that they feel passionately about.

For more information, please contact Kerry Symeonidis

The Parent-run Charity Tuck Shop

Parents of Wellington College pupils manage an independent charitable organisation funded by their operation of a volunteer-run tuck shop at the College. All proceeds are directed to charitable causes, including as part of a long-term commitment to provide schooling opportunity in low-income countries.

For more information contact the Charity Tuck Shop