"We strive to provide both a proactive approach to wellbeing alongside a close safety-net for all our pupils during their time at the College."

Delyth Lynch
Director of Safeguarding

Our Culture

We have a culture of openness at Wellington. Pupils are actively and regularly encouraged to share their concerns as they tackle the challenging issues of adolescence. We believe in addressing key issues head-on through talks, workshops, tutorials and informal discussion to provide our pupils with all the tools they need to make well-informed decisions.

A balanced curriculum

Our nationally recognised Wellbeing curriculum aims to equip our pupils with the knowledge and skills to thrive in College, as well as to prepare them for a healthy, happy and successful life after school. We focus on embedding a growth mindset, building grit and resilience, developing opportunities to experience flow and instilling a mindful approach to build positive coping strategies in order for our pupils to thrive.


Working with parents

Parents are also encouraged to attend our Parental Masterclasses – either in person or online – which cover many areas associated with the pastoral life of the school, the adolescent years and develop the relationship  between school and home. The series recently won the TES Boarding Initiative of the Year award.

The role of the house

The key place where pastoral care is overseen and delivered is in the Houses, where we hope to create a home away from home, whether for day or boarding pupils. Each House is overseen by a Housemaster/mistress with a team of tutors and other pastoral and domestic staff. A Wellingtonian’s House plays a crucial role during their time at the College and is the key factor in the support of each pupil.

Our House System

The importance of values

Underpinning all we do at Wellington are our five College values: kindness, courage, respect, integrity and responsibility. This enables everyone in the community to understand how we interact in a positive, meaningful, respectful, and empathetic way.

Our Values

There is nothing more important than providing outstanding pastoral support and all our staff are committed to ensuring the highest levels of care and support.

The full Boarding Statement of Principles and Practice can be found here.

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