Academic faculties

Wellington's inspirational teachers and vibrant departments provide the back-bone of the College's intellectual life, with all teaching staff capable of teaching both A Level and IB Diploma classes in the Sixth Form.

Being a large school with a twin-track Sixth Form curriculum has significant advantages.  Our academic faculties contain a broad range of teachers from diverse backgrounds, all of whom bring some form of subject specialism or unique experience to their respective departments.

Most are graduates of the finest universities in the world and a significant proportion hold post-graduate degrees.  The size and diversity of our teaching staff (we have 173 part- and full-time teachers) also allows us to offer a large and broad range of academic subjects within our curriculum.  There are not many schools in the UK where pupils can study Russian, Coding, Astronomy, Psychology, Photography, Ancient Greek, Dance and History of Art alongside more traditional courses in Maths, English, Science and the Humanities.

Most importantly, a real passion for learning and teaching permeates each and every one of our faculties, and Wellington teachers are expected to engage in significant and continuous professional development themselves in order to ensure that they remain up-to-speed with latest educational ideas and advancements.  It is common to find Wellington teachers engaged in heated pedagogical debate at the lunch table!  Some choose to study for Master’s degrees or even PhDs alongside their teaching commitments; some will take advantage of our own in-house courses in Coaching, Leadership and Mindfulness; some will be involved with the work of our innovative Learning & Research Centre; and others will challenge themselves by attending regular training days as part of our Teaching Schools and Conferences programme.  To read more about how all of our broader educational work, please explore the Leading Education section of this website.

Our key focus is to ensure that every member of every department is constantly examining the way in which they teach in order to ensure the very best educational experience for our pupils.