Expeditions & Adventure

"Live adventurously, let your lives speak" is a belief emphatically applied to our vision for Wellingtonians.

We want all our pupils to grasp the possibilities and opportunities of life with open hearts and minds. One would expect nothing less from a school whose Headmaster has trekked to the South Pole! The range of additional activities we therefore offer, which are designed to develop teamwork, self-reliance, resourcefulness, leadership, responsibility and a sense of public service in each and every Wellingtonian, allow our pupils to do just that.

As well as our Combined Cadet Force, which looks after over 400 cadets and 20 officers, we also run a hugely popular Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme and offer a variety of adventurous and life-changing trips and expeditions every year: some under the banner of Round Square and others organised internally by Wellington College departments and Houses.

Ultimately, we want all boys and girls who pass through the school to develop a zest for life beyond the confines of the classroom and be inspired both to develop themselves fully as an individual and also to open their eyes to the rich tapestry of life all around them. Most importantly, we want to develop within all Wellingtonians the skills and sense of courage which will enable to them to overcome and thrive on each and every challenge they are faced in their lives, and to leave Wellington as an adult with the conviction that they can make a positive difference to the world around.

This is not achieved by staying in the comfort zone of a classroom in Crowthorne, but developed through proactive engagement on a local, national and international level. This outward-facing sense of adventure is something we aim to nurture within all our pupils.