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Co-educational from nursery to Year 8, Eagle House adds a new class in Year 7 each year, primarily for boys and girls whose current schools finish at Year 6 and who have an offer, a place on the waiting-list or who are registering for the LAR1 or LAR2 route at Wellington College.  Many Year 7 and 8 children choose to be flexi- or weekly-boarders.  We also have a few full boarders on a bi-weekly basis.

Eagle House students make regular use of the Wellington facilities, share some sports coaches and interact from time to time with current Wellington students.  Spending Years 7 & 8 in the prep environment allows us to prepare the children both academically and pastorally for their Year 9 start at Wellington.  The transition is then natural and easy and the children will start Wellington with around 30 firm friends dotted around all the Wellington houses.

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The application process for Eagle House is completely separate to that of Wellington College.  We suggest a visit to Eagle House at some stage in Year 5 or 6 and registration can be completed after your visit.  Priority for Year 7 places at Eagle House will be given to those with confirmed Wellington places in the Lent Term of Year 6.  There is no further testing, but we do suggest a taster day at Eagle House at some stage during Year 6.

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