Examination results

Wellington's examination results are simply stellar and make us one of the highest achieving co-educational schools in the UK.

In 2016, Wellington College announced that pupils’ examination results would no longer be supplied for newspaper league tables. Although our academic results are superb, we believe strongly that an outstanding education is not just about the percentage of 7s or A* grades, important though results clearly are.

It is about fostering a sense of intellectual curiosity and passion for life-long learning in order to send inspired adults out into the world equipped with the skills and independence necessary to thrive at university and beyond. It is also about encouraging all children to engage with our phenomenal co-curriculum programme which caters for every child as an individual so they can develop fully in every aspect of themselves as a human being. None of this is, of course, measurable in examination league tables.

We do, however, have nothing to hide and will always be happy to publish our full examination results on this website once all remarks and outcomes have been finalised. Please explore the links below to read about our results in depth. We are incredibly proud of our academic record and will always celebrate the success of our departing students, just not in league tables!

2019 was another record-breaking year for our Upper Sixth leavers, with nearly 20% of the year group achieving either A*A*A* at A Level or 777 at Higher Level IB.

IB Diploma

Our IB Diploma results are, quite simply, outstanding. in 2019, the IB cohort achieved an incredible 40.2 average, more than 11 points above the global average.  9 students achieved the maximum 45 points at IB, with another 10 achieving 44 points. 62% achieved more than 40 points and 74% achieved 38+. This makes Wellington College one of the strongest academic schools for IB not just in the UK, but in the world.  The full breakdown for 2019 will be posted in due course, but to read more about our 2018 IB results please click here.

A Level

At A Level, 10 students achieved straight A*s; across the cohort 23.6% of grades awarded were A*, 57% were A*/A and 85% were A*-B. The full breakdown for 2019 will be posted in due course, but to read more about our 2018 A Level results please click here.


At GCSE, nearly a third (32%) of all grades awarded were Grade 9 (equivalent to a high A* in the old letter grading system); 61% were 9/8; 83% 9-7 and 95% 9-6. Overall, 9 was the most common pupil grade. This cohort was also the first to complete a Higher Project Qualification alongside their GCSE courses. The HPQ, for which pupils undertake an autonomous piece of work, is still graded according to the more familiar letter system. Wellingtonians achieved outstanding results in the HPQ: 56% of grades awarded were A*/A and 100% were A*-B. The full breakdown of GCSE results for 2019 will be posted in due course, but to read more about our 2018 GCSE results please click here.