The Enrichment programme covers the clubs and societies available to all pupils at Wellington, as well as the Wednesday afternoon activities available to Third Formers. It seeks to inspire every pupil, enabling them to develop and apply interests and aptitudes from and beyond the classroom.

Calendar of Availability 2021
Availability Non-Residential Residential Weddings
Feb 17 arrow 21
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Mar 27 arrow 31

Apr 01 arrow 18
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May 02 arrow 03
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May 31

Jun 01 arrow 06
available available
Jul 12 arrow 31

Aug 01 arrow 23
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Oct 03
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Oct 17 arrow 31
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Nov 27 arrow 28
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Dec 18 arrow 20
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The Enrichment programme is a fully inclusive offering, open to pupils from the Third Form all the way up to the Upper Sixth. Indeed a significant proportion of the societies are set up and run by senior pupils so that a club for every individual interest, if not already in existence, can be pursued in the company of others.

To find out more about clubs and societies at Wellington, please visit our Enrichment site.

Intellectual interests are certainly catered for, with academic departments offering societies relating to their subject, linking raw academic hunger with that of a broad interest base. Societies such as Phil-Thy (Philosophy and Theology), Classics Society, World History Society and BioSoc attract pupils from outside their departments too.

Third Form pupils are fortunate to have specific enrichment activities scheduled for up to eight weeks of the year on Wednesday afternoons as part of a carousel of activities. Each pupil undertakes one physical and one non-physical activity, with the aim of inspiring a breadth of interests not necessarily covered in classroom lessons. Introductory courses on architecture, photography, sign-language, golf, mountain biking, fencing and even synchronised swimming have been available, with the emphasis always being on pupils trying something completely new.

All pupils are made aware of what is on offer at the College Carnival in early September where they can sign up for as many enrichment activities, clubs and societies as they wish.

By strongly encouraging all Wellingtonians to pursue their individual interests, we hope they will also become more independent both in terms of managing their own time and commitments, and also developing the ability and confidence to follow their own goals without relying on others. If ever there is opportunity to explore interests and opportunities or to develop character, the enrichment programme is it!