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We are a school which is always keen to examine our current educational provision and ask difficult questions of ourselves: Are we genuinely preparing our pupils for the world of tomorrow? Could we be delivering our curricula in even more exciting and imaginative ways? Are we in tune with the latest theories and debates within the wider world of education? Could we make more use of the educational networks to which we belong to improve the educational experiences of all our pupils?

Our pioneering stance on education provides a wider field of influence via our work with our family of schools: Our international schools include Wellington College International Tianjin, Shanghai, and Hangzhou all of which are located in China as well as Wellington College International Bangkok, Thailand and the newly opened Wellington College International Pune, India.

Our family of schools in China also includes Huili bilingual schools located in Shanghai, Nantong, Hangzhou all who follow the rigorous framework of the Chinese national curriculum, blending with the most appropriate and effective elements of Western education.   The benefits for both students and staff in belonging to such a uniquely diverse and exciting family of schools are incalculable.


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Wellington College is a national and international centre for educational thinking, debate and cross-sector collaboration. With the commencement of the 2021-22 Academic Year, we launched the Wellington College Learning Alliance (WCLA) with the purpose of helping to shape a better world – a more equitable world. Comprising of 28 state secondary schools at the time of writing, the WCLA facilitates meaningful collaboration amongst the teachers of our Alliance schools, and also provides innovative and inspiring events to the pupils of our Alliance schools.

The Wellington College Learning Alliance comprises of two separate support strands, namely, the Teaching Alliance and the Student Alliance.

"The Wheeler Programme has made my dream career possible. Thank you so much."


Teaching Alliance

The Teaching Alliance is our teacher-facing programme. We believe that to provide the very best education to all young people, we need to also ensure the same opportunities exist for teachers and support staff across our alliance schools. As a result of establishing meaningful relationships with colleagues across our alliance schools, impactful collaboration is developed. The Teaching Alliance provides a number of opportunities including a relevant and research-informed CPLD programme, a wide variety of subject specific support groups and conferences, and our Educational Specialist Leaders programme.

Student Alliance

The Student Alliance, which is our student facing programme, provides students across our alliance schools with a wide variety of aspirational and developmental opportunities. These are often bespoke to cater best for the needs of the young people across our alliance of schools. The Student Alliance programme of events is reviewed at the end of each academic year and our alliance schools are consulted to help us to decide what should be available via the programme during the next academic year.

As part of the Student Alliance, we also provide the Wheeler Programme. This has been running since 2016, and provides a select group of 24 students the opportunity to join a 5-year programme, designed to help each student become the best version of themselves. The programme meets each student where they are and aims to help these young people discover their ‘why’. The programme is sponsored by a Wellington College parent.

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