Science, Technology and Engineering

"Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge." - Carl Sagan

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Science, Technology and Engineering @Welly_STE

What will the technological world and working environment look like in 5 years’ time? The truth is nobody knows. What we do know, however, is that whatever it does look like it will rapidly change throughout our students’ lifetimes. The Science subjects can provide them with skills and attributes that will allow them to be adaptable and malleable in their approach; encourage them to be imaginative in their problem solving;  and give them the resilience to cope with change. Science encourages students to view change as an opportunity; to be curious about it; to view it as a positive to be embraced. What is exciting is that the Science subjects lend themselves naturally to a changing world. People turn to the skills inherent in these subjects to explain phenomena that they are unable to understand.

Science, Technology and Engineering are at the heart of the curriculum at Wellington. New pupils in the third form study Biology, Chemistry and Physics following one of three contextual strands.  The course are almost entirely skills based and all students cover the same skills during this year regardless of which context they choose. Third Form students also have the option to study Computer Science Design Engineering. At GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taken either separately or combined as a dual award and many students choose to enhance these sciences by taking Computer Science and / or Design Engineering.  All subjects are offered in the Sixth form at A Level and at IB. For the IB Diploma Astronomy and Environmental Systems and Societies are also offered at Standard Level.

Biology @WellyBio

Biology, from the Greek ‘bios’- life, is the most vital of all subjects. It transcends anatomy, behaviour, origin and distribution and bonds us all. Our aims are simple: to foster and encourage enthusiasm, enquiry, independence and critical thinking.  What are poisons and how do they work? How do you know you’re not a plant? Why do we sleep? Where do we come from? How much fun can plants really be? Can genetic modification save the world?  These are just some of the questions we can help answer.  The department is superbly resourced and we have three outstanding technicians as academic support. We strive to deliver stimulating and stretching courses through dissection, practical work and independent research, whether at IGCSE, A-level or IB Diploma.

Chemistry @Welly_Chem

A team of eight staff with eleven Chemistry degrees, supported by four fully qualified technicians, teach throughout the school. The Third Form course investigates how chemistry plays a crucial role in our lives by exploring the application of key concepts both practically and theoretically. Through Fourth and Fifth Form, topics diversify to discover the origins of colour, how metals are produced, how halogens can be deadly and also life-saving, and how we can harness the energy stored in chemicals as pupils work towards either the Edexcel Triple award IGCSE or Double Science IGCSE.  Sixth Form study cover similar topics in both IB and A Level (AQA board) with many pupils going on to study Medicine, Engineering, Natural Sciences and Biochemistry at the most popular universities. The department ensures that plenty of extension opportunities are offered both inside and outside of the classroom, this could be through external competitions or by working with staff and other students within the department. We also encourage students to look beyond the confines of the exam specifications and identify the limitations of the models presented to them as part of their courses.

Computer Science @Welly_CompSci

An un-sung past, a breath-taking present, a future decided by you. Welcome to Computer Science at Wellington College.  Our mission for our Third Form students is to inspire them. We’ll take them on a diverse journey of excitement and challenge with the sole aim of proving them with insight to the world of Computer Science.

For our GCSE students, we facilitate and promote both their curiosity and independence. We teach them how to program using Python and challenge their understanding across a wide range of theory topics. Our GCSE specification is provided by the AQA exam board.

Our 6th form students are provided with a choice of either an A-Level or IB (standard and higher level) course depending on their preference. These courses promote and encourage deeper learning from our students. Our A-level students use Python as a programming language and follow the AQA exam board. Whereas, our IB students use Java as a programming language. Both A-Level and IB courses are available to students with no prior knowledge.

Design Engineering @Welly_DET

Design, Engineering and Technology provides the means for pupils to become skilful problem solvers who appreciate the role of technology in everyday life, and who can respond inventively and resourcefully to real-life challenges. Pupils learn to design and make, solving genuine, relevant problems within different contexts whilst considering their own and other’s needs, wants and values. Pupils experiment with ideas and research topics, compiling sources, brainstorming issues, modelling possible solutions, making changes, rejecting proposals, creating products and critically evaluating work. Engineering, Architecture, Product Design, Graphic Design, Electronic and Programmable components are all covered as pupils explore emerging technologies, smart materials and their working properties.

Physics @Welly_Physics

Physics is the study of the world around us, from the smallest particle to the observable universe. As such a rapidly advancing discipline, it is our challenge not only to provide students with a good grounding in current thinking, but also to provide opportunities to develop the skills that make a proficient scientist. The third year curriculum in Physics is almost entirely skills based while being explored in an engaging and relevant context so that we equip our scientists with the skills needed to succeed right from the outset.

At GCSE the students study the Edexcel IGCSE specification before getting to choose from the rigorous A Level and IB options in the sixth form. Beyond the curriculum there is plenty of opportunity for stretch, the latest changes to the co-curriculum mean that students can investigate the particles around us using the same detectors as are found on the international space station and keen engineers can apply their skills to practical situations and competitions.