"There are things which seem incredible to most men who have not studied Mathematics." Archimedes (287BC - 212BC) Classical Polymath

At Wellington, we believe that Maths lies not just at the heart of the curriculum but also at the heart of knowledge. A well-trained mathematician has great logical skills, tremendous analytical power and the ability to form connections between diverse fields.

We teach throughout the school by asking challenging questions and developing the tools and understanding to answer them. Lessons are dynamic, and pupils are encouraged to explore ideas in groups either on paper or on the large whiteboards that cover the walls of each room.  In recent years, the teaching of Sixth Form Maths has been increasingly delivered by means of the Harkness method whereby pupils drive the learning in a collaborative manner thereby not only increasing pupils’ confidence in numeracy but also nurturing their growth as independent learners and problem-solvers.

From Third Form to Upper Sixth we deliver an exciting package that focuses on problem solving and the development of critical thinking skills. Additionally, throughout the course we take time to explore areas away from the syllabus, and we strive to place mathematical understanding at the heart of what we do. Our aim is to help our pupils see that Maths is fun, relevant, and beautiful.

All middle school pupils take IGCSE Maths, both Maths and Further Maths are offered at A Level, and pupils studying the IB Diploma can choose from Maths Studies (Standard Level), Maths (Standard Level) or Maths (Higher Level).