Fee-assisted Places at Wellington

Widening access to Wellington is at the heart of the Governors' and Master's vision for the future of the College.

Calendar of Availability 2021
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All financial aid in terms of fee reduction is awarded via a means-testing procedure. Our aim is to enable an increasing number of families, who otherwise would not be able to afford the fees at Wellington, to send their son or daughter to the College. Means-tested fee assistance may be up to 100% of College fees, depending on individual family circumstances. These awards split into three categories as described below. Applications for any of these awards should be directed to the Admissions Department.

Means-tested Fee Assistance

For children with exceptional talents whose families would not be able to afford the full Wellington fees, we offer awards ranging from 10% to 100% of fees. Eligibility for an award is generally assessed – via means testing – at the time of an offer being made so that a family can accept the offer knowing that the required level of fee assistance is available. An average year might see 20 pupils be admitted (at 13+ and 16+ entry only) with an average of award of c. 50% remission. Any family wishing to make an application for fee assistance will be invited to apply as part of the broader admissions process. A confidential ‘statement of financial position’ form will be sent to families of children invited to attend an assessment day. Fee-assisted places are not always linked to scholarships but some are named, such as the Jimmy Higham Award (supporting a talented sportsman or sportswoman), the Seb Foundation Award (for talented rugby players) and the Sir Anthony Seldon Arts Award (for talented performers, musicians and artists).

The Prince Albert Foundation

The Prince Albert Foundation is a scholarship programme aimed at widening participation to families who would not normally consider or be able to access independent education, and for whom we can offer a genuine shift in opportunity. Currently there are 10-15 fully funded Prince Albert Scholarships awarded each year and we are aiming to increase this in the coming years. Children who are eligible for Prince Albert Scholarships are those whose families are on national average income or below; there is often a further relevant need for boarding. Candidates must meet our minimum criteria for entrance, and we will assess potential as well as current achievement. The Prince Albert Foundation is not a programme designed to recruit pupils with specific talents. It is very unlikely that a pupil who already attends an outstanding or selective school or one already in the independent school system would be eligible.


In accordance with the College’s original foundation, one aim of which was to provide education for the children of deceased military officers, the College continues to educate, free of charge, the children of deceased servicemen or servicewomen of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces irrespective of rank and the orphan children of persons who, in the sole opinion of Governors, died in acts of selfless bravery.

Applications for Fee-assisted Places

Applications for any of the awards above should be directed to the Admissions Department: Tel: 01344 444 013 Email: admissions@wellingtoncollege.org.uk