As part of a whole school approach to sustainability, students have the opportunity to develop their understanding and knowledge both through their own endeavours, through participating in clubs and through the Wednesday afternoon programme. We aim to encompass sustainability’s pillars of economic security, social equity, environment and human wellness.

Fifth Form students undertake “Foundations for a Thriving Future”, which introduces students to current thinking about sources and solutions to complex world challenges, promoting institutional change and self-reflection. Students complete and present a diary that presents their learning journey and an accreditation is achieved upon successful completion of the programme.

Sixth Form students take theory into action with a Critical Thinking programme. Participants gain an understanding of the pressing challenges of the world and attempt to solve a real–world problems through an individual project that brings together the four sustainability’s pillars. The project includes the following components: actively working towards change for a more sustainable future (for example, campaigns and surveys); engaging with an off-campus professional as a mentor; presenting at the National Sustainable Schools Conference 2019; and a written reflection. This is also an accredited course through SEEd.