Easter Revision Course 2021

5 April 2021 - Saturday 10 April

Tuesday 6 to Saturday 10 April 2021
(residents arrive Monday 5 April)

Wellington College, one of Britain’s finest independent schools, is a wonderful place in which to prepare for exams.

All subjects are organised and taught by a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers, carefully selected from the very best schools in the country (including Wellington College). All are familiar with the demands made upon examination candidates.

“He thought it was excellent and has been recommending it to all his sceptical friends who can’t believe he enjoyed a week of maths!”

“She has returned home brimming with confidence from her improved knowledge and is really motivated to continue working through her exam revision… she kept texting me during the course breaks saying how brilliant the teaching was and how much she was learning.”

“This has probably been one of the best trips of my life and I would really like to thank all the staff who made my stay so enjoyable.”

“… had a very fulfilling week at Wellington, her marks doubled across the week and she feels better equipped to continue on with revision.”

“He thoroughly enjoyed his time in all subjects and said that all his teachers were so amazing and helpful… He has even said that he would return next year and the year after for A Level revision!”

” Really good – went through lots of exam papers, good resources, teacher really approachable – would definitely recommend.

Booking will open in due course, to register your interest now please email easter@wellingtoncollege.org.uk and provide details of the qualification level, subjects, exam boards and specification you are interested in e.g. GCSE English Language Edexcel (1EN0), A Level Maths OCR (A) etc.

Information Required At Booking

We require the following information at point of booking, without it a booking can’t be made. If you don’t already have the below information, please contact the students school and request it from them.

Failure to provide the correct information could lead to the student being placed in the wrong class or their place being cancelled on the course without refund.

  1. Subject/s wish to revise
  2. Exam Board and specification number/letter e.g. AQA A or B, OCR J567 Higher, Edexcel B etc
  3. Current grade level or mock result for the subject
  4. Predicted grade or grade the student hopes to achieve

Course Objectives

  • Teach key facts, patterns and principles
  • Boost confidence
  • Give examination practice
  • Improve technique
  • Guide students towards better quality answers

Key Information

  • Students from any school across the UK or abroad who are in their final year of IGCSE, GCSE or  A Level exams can attend
  • Typically courses are based on a ratio of 1 teacher to a maximum of 10 students
  • Students will receive up to 5-6 hours tutored revision per day to review the core areas of the syllabus in line with what the students request to cover. Plus set work and exam preparation including work on past papers
  • A Level students can take 1 subject for the duration of the course and GCSE/IGCSE students can take up to 2 subjects
  • The A Level course will cover the two year linear A Level (we will not be offering any AS courses)
  • Residential and day places are available

Daily Schedule

  • Residential students arrive on Monday night (please note this is the Monday Bank Holiday)
  • Day students arrive on Tuesday morning
  • All classes run from Tuesday to Saturday (5 days)
  • A mixture of evening activities will be provided for residential students including access to the sports facilities, film nights, 5 a-side footie and boot camp/fitness class sessions PLUS specialist Elevate Education study skills session for GCSE/IGCSE residential students and seminar for their parents


Residential Course
Includes 5 nights full board accommodation in your own room within a single sex boarding house, 3 meals per day, up to 5-6 hours daily tuition plus prep time per day and use of the available facilities including access to all evening activities and workshops.

  • Residential Course £995

Day Course (full time student)

Includes lunch and up to 5-6 hours tuition per day for 5 days.

  • Day Course £750

Half Day Course (GCSE 1 Subject Only)

Includes up to 3 hours GCSE/IGCSE tuition per day for 5 days either in the half day AM or PM session.

  • GCSE 1 Subject £375

Subjects for GCSE/IGCSE (Higher Paper Only) and A Level

The below is subject to change depending on interest received, Wellington College reserves the right to make changes to subjects offered at any time and without prior notification. This can include the removal of a course if required interested is not received.

The specific exam boards and specifications we will offer will be confirmed later in the year, please ensure you have this information and review what is offered prior to making a booking when booking opens.

At GCSE/IGCSE our course offers classes for students taking the Higher Paper only, we are afraid that at this time we are not able to provided classes for the Foundation Papers.

A Level

  • Biology:                  AQA (7402), Edexcel B (9BI0), OCR A (H420)
  • Chemistry:             AQA (7405), OCR A (H432)
  • Physics:                  AQA (7408)
  • English Literature:  Edexcel (9ET0)
  • Maths:                   AQA (7357), Edexcel (9MA0), OCR A (H240)
  • Business:               Edexcel (9BS0)
  • Economics:           AQA (7136), Edexcel A (9EC0)
  • Geography:          AQA (7037), OCR (H481)
  • History:               Edexcel (9HI0)

GCSE/IGCSE (Higher paper only for all subjects)

  • *Triple Award Biology:                      GCSE AQA (8461), IGCSE Edexcel (4BI1)
  • *Triple Award Chemistry:                 GCSE AQA (8462), IGCSE Edexcel (4CH1)
  • *Triple Award Physics:                       GCSE AQA (8463), IGCSE Edexcel (4PH1)
  • *Dual/Combined Award Biology:      GCSE AQA Trilogy (8464), IGCSE Edexcel (4SD0)
  • *Dual/Combined Award Chemistry: GCSE AQA Trilogy (8464), IGCSE Edexcel (4SD0)
  • *Dual/Combined Award Physics:      GCSE AQA Trilogy (8464), IGCSE Edexcel (4SD0)

*All the sciences are treated as a single subject whether Triple Award or Combined/Double Award e.g. a student can book Biology and English, or Chemistry and Physics etc.

  • English Language: GCSE AQA (8700), GCSE Edexcel (1EN0), IGCSE Edexcel (4EA1)
  • Maths:                 GCSE AQA (8300), GCSE Edexcel (1MA1), IGCSE Edexcel (4MA1)
  • Geography:         IGCSE Edexcel (4GE1)
  • History:              IGCSE Edexcel (4HI1)
  • French:               IGCSE Edexcel (4FR1)
  • Spanish:              IGCSE Edexcel (4SP1)
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