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Driver Leadership Room
1000-1600, Thursday 7 December 2023

“Reimagining leadership as empowering human flourishing.” Brooks, Lee, Bidston, Granville-Chapman (2020).

Course Overview
What is the nature of school leadership in the twenty-first century? What personal qualities are required to lead in a way that empowers high performing, flourishing teams and best serves the public good? What exactly is it that good leaders do to enable their teams to succeed? How do they think? What do findings from neuroscience teach us about effective leadership?

This short course has been designed to enable you to consider these questions and also reflect on the nature and purpose of your own leadership. It is practical, evidence-based and optimistic and is quality assured by the University of Oxford

Topics Covered
The power of everyday acts of leadership
Values and performance
Psychological safety
The power of love in leadership
What neuroscience can teach us about leadership
Stress and leadership
Vision for your leadership

Course Outcomes
To consider the nature and purpose of your leadership;
To reflect on what you need to lead others in difficult and uncertain times;
To meet, with confidence, the challenges of leadership in your own setting.
Be equipped, via the assignment, to carry out initiatives in your school which will help create the environment for flourishing.

Important Information
This is a core module for all leaders participating in the Certificate or Diploma for the Wellington Leaders in Education Programme. This Diploma is quality assured by Oxford University and accredited by the Chartered Management Institute. Further information about the Wellington College Leading for Impact Programme can be found by e-mailing

This can also be taken as a stand-alone module and comes with a certificate.

The course comes with a practical assignment for participants to carry out in their school afterwards, in order to put into practise what they have learnt. Participants then have the opportunity to write up and reflect on what they have done in order to receive a certificate in leadership for the assignment. This has proved to be one of the most popular and effective parts of the course, as it embeds the knowledge and gives people confidence to try new initiatives.

Cost & Payment
The course costs £250 but is £25 for WCTA member schools. For more information about becoming a member school please contact  If the course is held in person, lunch and refreshments will be included.

We kindly ask that payment is made in full by card at the end of the booking.


Event Attendance
Dress Code
Suits / Work Attire

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